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"What an awesome training tool! I had spent so much time trying to figure out how to "bring it from the inside." It was a very frustrating experience. Then I discovered the Amazing Angle... did my swing change! With just a few reps a day of this easy swing program I started hitting the ball solidly and more into play. This lead to better scores (not to mention a couple of bucks in MY pocket!) and a new enjoyment of the game. I highly reccommend the amazing angle to anyone trying to improve their game."

                                                                        ~Mike Mulligan

"As a certified instructor and a member of the Professional Golf Teachers and Coaches of America, I want to compliment Keith on his development of the Amazing Angle.  It teaches the user many of the moves I teach.  I am especially pleased with how it gets the golfer into the 'L' drill, the "bump" and the impact position, just to mention a few. This is the best swing training tool I have ever seen and it can be used without a ball, indoors, low ceilings - no restrictions on its use.  I have orders for 11 from my students already. One of my students has sold 7 by himself."                                                       ~Walt Brinker, PGTCA, certified instructor

                                                                           Greensburg, PA

“I have known and worked with Keith Haley for many years now and have always been impressed with his knowledge of the game, his perspective on the golf swing, and ability to help players get results. When he developed the Amazing Angle swing trainer, I knew he was right on target for improving the swing. His device not only makes sense from solely a swing perspective, but it has the ability to keep the mind simple and clear, a very important quality for playing great golf. The Amazing Angle training aid is one of the best I have seen in years. I applaud Keith’s vision and insight into the swing and his ability to make the swing more ‘tangible and real’ through the Amazing Angle swing trainer. Many of my clients at the college and professional levels have used it and I have seen their confidence grow tremendously! Keep up the great work Keith!"

                                                                          ~Todd M. Kays, Ph.D., Sport Psychologist

                                                                             Co-Author of  Sports Psychology for Dummies

"As a golf performance coach, the Amazing Angle is an invaluable tool. We’ve all heard that golf is a game

of angles, and this device proves it. It’s been proven that it requires approximately 300 – 500 repetitions to build a new motor pattern. Conversely, once bad or inadequate habits are already in place, it takes about 3000 – 5000 repetitions to erase and correct it. I believe the Amazing Angle is the best training aid available to help develop or change your movement pattern and functional strength for golf.”

                                                                        ~Clint Cox, Director of Training at Total Athletic        

                                                                                  Development, Golf Conditioning Specialist

"Keith’s  invention is ‘A Touch of Genius!’  It is simple, portable, easy to use and it works! It provides each user with visual and kinesthetic feedback, necessary for rapid improvement in golf. Any golfer utilizing the training system will automatically develop sound, repeatable golf swing mechanics compliant with the laws of geometry and physics. The Amazing Angle has been instrumental in elevating my students to a new level faster and more effortlessly than ever before possible.”

                                                                        ~John Wilkinson, Director of Golf Instruction

                                                                           The Down Under Par Golf Academy at Windy Knoll