The Amazing Angle™ Golf Swing Training System is a patented process resulting from over 27 years experience and study of the golf swing by Keith Haley, PGA Teaching Professional. He watched his students struggle to score under 100 and noticed loss of power, speed, and accuracy in their golf swing. He found a way to solve the problem by having his students practice using the Amazing Angle™ training aid with repetitive, slow and deliberate practice to get the "feel" for the 7 key swing positions and movements of the golf swing. His students improved and have gone on to be better golf players!



ENDS AUGUST 15, 2015


For more than 6 years, Keith has worked on different versions of the Amazing Angel™ golf swing device. He has sold the steel version to many people over the years, but the feedback has been that it's too heavy, especially for some lady and junior golfers. We have worked with  a team of engineers and manufacturing specialists and found a way to manufacture  the new Amazing Angle™ 3.0 of high quality plastic and steel slugs that will provide the weight and balance the device for the ultimate performance. We simply need to raise money to make the fabrication tool,  manufacture the minimum order of 1500 units and attend, exhibit and demonstrate the Amazing Angle™ Swing Trainer at the January 2016 PGA Merchandise Exposition. This expo is the biggest gathering of golf related product and people in the golf business.  It's imperative that we talk with brokers, retailers, and wholesalers to gain some sales traction.


A KickStarter campaign asks people to become a part of a project by contributing money in exchange for rewards. We have rewards for donations from $15 to $5,000. Depending on the level of your contribution, you will receive bigger and better rewards as little as a small bag of logo golf tees to a free "teaching" round of golf with Keith Haley or free online video golf swing analysis by Keith. Please get involved and be a part of this exciting project. We will keep you up to date as we work through the project and even send you video's of Keith with a message from the floor of the PGA Golf Expo! Donors of $100 or more will be invited to our FUN product launch party in May 2016!


We need to raise $60,000 in order to manufacture the first run of 1500 units and get a jump on marketing it to the golfing world. $35,000 will cover the cost of the tool or injection mold. $17,000 will be used to make 1500 units, assemble and package for retail. The remaining $8,000 will be used to register for an exhibit booth, registration fees, and a spot in the New Product Zone to connect with golfers, PGA Pros, PGA teaching professionals, brokers, buyers and members of the media. 


First of all, the steel version is very heavy, especially for some lady and junior golfers. We needed to find a new material that is lighter but easily adapted to accept the steel plug in strategic places to create balance and the same feel of sustaining the lag of the steel version. We are very confident in the new plastic material and trust it because of the tests we have completed.  Second, the price was too high and we needed to find a way to get the cost down and make it more affordable to more people. This new version of the Amazing Angle™ 3.0 will be popular with all golfers who want to improve their golf swing.


Click on the video to hear from Keith about this Kickstarter Campaign and why he is raising money for the Amazing Angle™ project!